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Our Founders, Martin and Bethany Tingelhoff, have spent time in Benin and already established relationships with two prominent organizations in the city of Parakou:

1. Projects for Progress (PFP) is a non-profit that works to provide strategic solutions to third world problems that create lasting change in the lives of people by empowering communities and individuals with sustainable developmental projects. Their purpose is to meet the physical and emotional needs of those communities and individuals, thereby creating a relationship where their spiritual needs can be fulfilled. PFP believes in sustainable projects that are filtered through three organizational pillars: clean water, education, and small business development.  They believe that lasting change will be evident through the three villages they are partnering with in the north of Benin, Tourou, Sanson, and Badekparou. PFP strives to build relationships, and “adopt” the villages and begin to cultivate a covenant relationship with the leaders and local villagers. PFP commits to the long-term involvement and requires the same of the villages.


2.Tolaro Global is a for-profit venture that has a two fold commitment in Benin. They are in Benin to operate exceptional cashew-processing facilities. They believe that the best way to create change is through successful, sustainable business practices. Tolaro Global’s mission is to build a profitable, sustainable cashew processing industry in Benin. Tolaro believes that a cashew industry, if developed correctly, will revolutionize Benin. They are aware that “revolutionize a country” is a big statement. However, given the combination of Benin’s extreme poverty and its untapped wealth in cashews, this is a more than an achievable vision.

 Aide La Vie Nutrition partnering with Tolaro provide us the opportunity to work with the top organization in Benin’s nut industry. We will use this expertise to build an effective peanut supply and processing system as part of RUTF production.

We have also partnered with Zebra Consulting out of St. Louis, Missouri.  Their founder Zachary Linneman has an expertise in RUTF facility management and grant writing. Zachary has spent the last 7 years helping several organizations begin processing RUTF on the front lines in Africa.

UNICEF has its headquarters for the country of Benin in Cotonou, a city on Benin’s coast.